Friday Mar 1st, 2024

Vorex Was Top Supplier of Gas Production Equipment to Ukraine in 2023, Moving 30,000 Tons of Product During Wartime

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Vorex USA fulfilled 13 contracts for gas production equipment with the Ukraine Government in 2023, marking the most successful year of its business partnership with state-owned enterprises Ukrgasvydobuvannya (a subsidiary of Naftogaz) and the Gas Transmission Operator of Ukraine.

In 2023, Vorex shipped nearly 30,000 metric tons of casing, drill pipe and ball valves to Ukraine, helping that country move toward its goal of energy independence. The successful, on-time shipments came as Ukraine remained mired in crisis, following Russia’s ongoing military invasion, which began in early 2022.

“Vorex fully supports Ukraine’s efforts to drive Russian forces from its country and build energy independence,’’ said Fedor Zakusilo, managing partner of Vorex USA. “Delivering gas production goods and equipment to a country at war has been a challenge. But our employees, despite being literally caught in the crossfire of a live war, helped us keep our promise to Ukraine.’’

Ukraine is home to some of Europe’s largest natural gas deposits, though it remains a net importer of fuel. Vorex is helping Kyiv upgrade its existing fields and develop new ones. “A strong Ukraine relies heavily on energy independence and Vorex is proud to be helping with that,’’ Mr. Zakusilo said.

Mr. Zakusilo, an American citizen who emigrated from Ukraine to the US in the early 1990s, said he never thought twice about keeping Vorex moving when hostilities broke out. And despite the difficulties associated with the ongoing conflict, Vorex, through public procurement tenders, managed to fulfill the 13 contracts it won in 2023 at a price averaging 15% below competing bids.

Mr. Zakusilo founded Vorex USA in 2016 as an Erie-based oil and gas service firm. Today, the company and its Liberty Tool subsidiary provides a full line of energy service equipment domestically and abroad and operates in 16 countries throughout the world. U.S. partners of Vorex include ENR General Machining Co., General Electric Oil and Gas, Lincoln Electric, Reed Manufacturing Co. and Logistics Plus, Inc.

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